About me

I’m a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Advertising. Because I have a passion for all things creative, I’m supplementing my major with two minors: Design & Media and Film Studies. I’m also working toward the New Media Certificate. 

Through these programs, I have completed a wide variety of classes including advertising, marketing, photography, typography, web design, videography, and graphic design and have become proficient in Indesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Canva, and WordPress. Additionally, in high school, I was part of the Video Production & Film Academy, a two-year series of classes that taught me how to use different cameras, audio equipment and lighting; edit with Premiere Pro; and effectively engage an audience.  

I’ve already put many of my skills to use by successfully completing two internships. And I am currently a marketing intern with a small wine company. These internships have given me experience collaborating cross-functionally, managing against deadlines, working both independently and on teams, and communicating effectively.

In my free time, I enjoy intramural sports, cooking, trying new restaurants, traveling, pottery, and cheering on the Dawgs. I’m also a frequent volunteer with the Guide Dog Foundation in Athens where I assist in training future service dogs. 


Photography has always been one my passions and throughout college, I have continued to build my portfolio from freelance projects, personal projects, and assigned team projects through Talking Dog. I have created an instagram where I display my work!

Kate Arnold Wine Photos

Westmoor Hotel Photos and Westmoor Event Photos

Blossom Creek Product Photos

People and Events Photos

Food Photography

During quarantine, I discovered a new passion of mine: cooking. I cooked everyday and loved taking photos of the food I made and shared to my food instagram. I learned so much in photography throughout the past few years while taking pictures of food. Here is some of my best work.

key lime pie
peanut butter pie
garlic rolls

Nature Photography


End of the Year Video

One of my biggest high school accomplishments was making the end of the year video for my graduating class. My friend and I were the co-producers and together made a 16 minute capturing our classes senior year. We worked on this project almost everyday for a month editing, shooting, and gathering videos and pictures. It was such an amazing feeling to show our hard work in front of all of our classmates and their parents.

Sorority promotion videos


Westmoor Club Graphics

Creative Global Engagement Graphics