New Media Industries

Over this course, we heard from many different speakers that varied in jobs and experience. We heard how these people with amazing jobs gained experience and how they became qualified to have the job they now have. We heard from a wide variety of people. From people that work as freelancers, to people that work for larger corporations such as Verizon and Delta, and to people to work for small business and are their own bosses, I learned so much from these people. At the end of their presentation, students got to ask questions that were very helpful as I had similar questions and gained so much insight. I got very motivated after hearing from each speaker as I heard how much they worked in college, and how it payed off. It made we want to get more involved, work harder in my classes, and work more towards my future. I learned that I want work for a larger corporation such as Delta and Verizon as I want a strong work environment, company benefits, and a fun office life. We also got to hear from our professor, Megan Ward, talk about the importance of building your credit and getting a credit card. As someone who is young, I really had no prior knowledge about credit and credit cards but it is a very important subject that is very important down the road. In order to buy things such as a house or get permission for a loan, you need to already have built credit out.

Professional Development Assignments

Personality Assessment + Reflection

For this professional development assignment, I took aa personality type test. I found out I was an INTP which I did not know before. According to their website, an INTP is “INTPs love to solve problems, and the bigger and more theoretical the problems, the more they enjoy it. INTPs want to understand their world in an honest way, so they challenge existing expert opinion until they have satisfied themselves that it is true. There are times when this intellectual honesty is mistaken for rebellion. INTPs hold intelligence in high esteem and will usually do well in school. However, they may not achieve high grades in particular courses if they lose respect for the subject matter or the teacher. INTPs make quiet friends who value their independence.”

Personality Assessment + Reflection

For this assignment, I received the Inbound Certificate.

Credit Card Assignment

After making a credit karma account, I saw that I have not built up any credit which makes sense
because I have not opened a credit card yet. My first step is to get a credit card so I can start
building credit. I am thinking of getting a Delta credit card so I could get the flying benefits.
After I get this credit card, I will make on time payments, keep my credit utilization low, avoid
applying for multiple credit accounts close together and lastly keep my credit card accounts
open. If I wanted to keep building credit, I could then open a second credit card and keep
following those steps and continue building credit. If I want to be able to buy a house in the
future, I need to start building my credit as soon as possible. All in all, I need to open a credit
card and abide by their rules to start building my credit