New Media Design

Coming into this course, I was very excited to learn about the different adobe softwares and gain a greater understanding of design. Over this 12 week course, we explored 4 main modules: principle of design, photography and typography, brand design, and UX & UI design. I gained so much insight in this course and learned so many different programs that will be so useful in my future such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva and Figma.

Module one: Principles of Design

As our first module we learned what design is. There is so much complexity when it comes to design and I learned how different components make people make decisions based on how something is designed. Wheather it is fonts, color, size, or layout these affect users choices wheather the user knows it. I was very useful to learn the principles of design so for future projects, my work is appealing and presentable,

Module two: photography and typography

In our second module, we learned all about photography and typography. We got to experiment with photoshop. As photoshop is a very complicated program, it was a great way to start learning such an important program. Although I still have a lot more to learn in photoshop, this project was a great way to get introduced to the complex program. Our project for this module was to make a billboard PSA to stop distracted driving. This was such a fun way to experiment with photoshop. I learned the basics such as importing, text, layers, cutting, and so much more.

Project Yellow Light

Module three: Brand Design

For our third module, we branded a company that was small and did not have much of a face. Our group decided to build a brand for Miami Unplugged which is a group of students who sings covers in Miami. We created a logo for them which they now use in real life on their Youtube. We made the logo on Illustrator which was great program to learn. We then made a style guide for Miami Unplugged where we created the brands color palette, fonts, a mission statement, a brand voice, and personas for our client. We made the style guide of Canva which was an easier to learn website that allows you to design different things. Canva was one of my favorite programs to learn because of its simpleness yet you can create great things. Here are the logos my team made for Miami Unplugged!

Module four: UX and UI design.

For our last module, we had to create a mobile website, desktop website and app for Miami Unplugged. We used the same logos, fonts, and colors to keep out brand consistent. We created this on a new program called Figma. Our team worked together to make these different experiences interactive and just like you were on an app or website. This was one of my favorite projects since we got to continue on Miami Unplugged and got to create something that was interactive and creative. We made the website and app interactive by adding flows and making different objects when touch lead to the next screen. This was one of the most rewarding projects since it was so interactive and looked like it could be a real brand’s website.

Mobile Website
Desktop Website